BB CREAM- What is it?

BB CREAM OBSESSION- after trying many BB creams I can confidently say I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. As a makeup artist I believe in flawless coverage but at the same time I also want my skin to breathe BB Cream is the Perfect product that gives one a natural flawless coverage and evens out skin tone but without the caky look of foundation and it does not block pores! Another amazing factor is that is has SPF , anti oxidants and a moisturizer all in one! It is a must have- When I apply my BB cream every day,

I apply it after I have washed my face.I then add concealer in the darker areas of my eyes and I lastly use a mattifying powder to set my BB cream. The powder helps the BB cream stay in place all day!

BB Cream

Eye Brows

I admit that before I ever started grooming my brows, I thought my brows were perfect. Ladies let me give you a piece of advice, its all about big bold brows in 2013! Less eye shadow, thick brows and bold lips.Eye brows are an important feature on the face, it frames the face and gives everyone their own unique look. Pop in to your local brow bar and get them groomed 🙂 you will feel like a new person.



OFRA cosmetics, product: eye shadow ice

OFRA cosmetics is one of my new favorite MUST HAVE brands. They have an amazing range of different products. This product below is one of my most recent purchases and I LOVE IT!!! They are highly pigmented eye shadows in a tube! They blend amazingly, they behave as a shadow primer therefore it lasts all evening without a smudge. I swear by this product and it is a must have.

Ofra cosmetics has a showroom in Johannesburg. Please visit: for more exciting products.


  1. apply your chosen colour shadow on the entire lid
  2. blend well with a blender brush
  3. take a smaller eye shadow brush and add a darker shadow in the crease of the eyes, this will add drama and defitniton to the eye.
  4. apply a black gel liner on the lid of the eye with a small angle tip brush
  5. take a kohl pencil black eyeliner and line the bottom waterline (this will finish the look)
  6. lastly layer on your favorite mascara and you are good to go!!!


My Go To Holiday Products

Okay! so summer has arrived and we all want those perfect ‘beach waves’ hairstyles, here are a few of my go to products.

Paul Mitchell has come out with a fabulous sea salt spray called Awapuhi Wild Ginger sea salt spray. This spray is pricey yet it does what it says unlike many other cheaper products. The reason why I like this sea salt spray is because it doesn’t leave the hair feeling stiff and dry.


Awapuhi Wild Ginger

My number 2, go to product for hair is morocan oil products.

ESPECIALLY the oil. I add a small amount to my ends after every wash, it also makes my ends look less ratty from the holiday climates environmental factors, such as sea, sun and salt.  There are 2 types of oils one is called light i recommend that for colored hair and fine hair and the original one for thick coarse hair.

Morocan Oil

A few times a week on holiday I also use the Maroccan Hydration Mask – which is amazing for dry hair and dull hair, it adds life back to your hair after long days in the sea and sun as well as pools full of chlorine.

Maroccan Hydration Mask


My go to face sunblock. SPF 50 for your face with a tint. I love this product as it offers A LOT of protection as well as some coverage so we don’t need to wear actual foundation to the pool or the beach 😉






MAC brightening pen

The MAC highlighting pen is the perfect thing for an on the go touch up after a busy day at work. It instantly brightens darker areas under the eyes. Simply add a small amount in the desired area, I usually add it under my eyes and blend outwards. One can also add it to the darker inner corners of the eye near the bridge of the nose, you eyes will automatically seem more awake and open. This highlighting products can be used to highlight areas on the face such as the brow bone, nose and upper cheek bones. This product comes in a few shades for different skin tones.


MAC brightening pen

Shimmery Highlighter

Moon Beam highligher, is also one of my most enjoyed products of 2013. As a makeup artist I believe each artist finds products and brands that work for them… each to their own. I have invested in a few of these moon beam highlighters. At the moment i prefer this liquid highlighter to the usual powder highlighters, I feel that moon beam can be applied so easily with its small brush in the exact areas that need highlighting, and it blends beautifully and evenly.

Moon BeamTips:

  • Apply moon beam highlighter to your face after foundation and contouring.
  • Apply a few spots of moon beam in desired areas. (brow bone and top of the cheek bone) this will give a natural illuminating light on the face that is slighly shimmery yet natural.
  • Applying highligher in desired areas brings forward features you want enhanced eg: brow bone and cheek bones.
  • When we contour we hide imperfections creating the desired face shape and highlight around those areas bringing forward desired features.
  • Apply a small amount of moon beam on the top of the cupids bow about the upper lip, this will enhance your upper lip making it stand out and giving the illusion of a bigger upper lip.

CK OneCalvin Klien Skin Illuminator

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I use it on all my clients, it is also a skin illuminator and it comes in different colours for different skin tones.

  • Apply a smll amount and pat on the cheekbones/ browbone and bridge of the nose.
  • One can also add this product to their foundation to add a shimmerty glow to their face.